About the Swanson Restaurant, Perry, Ga.

The Swanson House Restaurant,  was honorably named for Ms. Norrine Swanson Jones, who lived here in 1920's. Ms. Swanson played both the organ and the piano for downtown churches, and was very active in community plays. She established the first kindergarten in her home in the late 1930's. Several locals remember attending kindergarten here and have signed our guest book with the years of their attendance

The Swanson a Perry TreasureThe structure as it appears today began as a Livery stable constructed by Mr. Bennett, circa 1790. A three room house was added to the property in 1880, and was occupied by former Mayor Cox of Perry. In the 1920's Mr. Swanson (Norrine's father) constructed the additional rooms.

The Sheridan's have made every attempt to maintain the rich history and folklore that is inherent in such a historical site. The huge windows, the flowing curtains, the vivid colors and hardwood floors all lend themselves to contribute to the southern antebellum experience.

One can close their eyes and almost imagine the kids at play over 80 years ago. The conversations that took place, the family meals and the planners of Perry, Georgia looking ahead to today.

Come and join us, immerse yourself in over 200 years of history and enjoy some of the best food in Middle Georgia. Keeping in harmony with our forebearers we encourage everyone to dress casual, take your time, indulge in good conversation and enjoy your family.